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HiVape - The Dabster
HiVape – The Dabster


Locking safety feature
Ceramic heating element
Medical grade rubber mouthpiece
Aluminum plating
The Dabster is approximately 5 inches when fully assembled.
What materials are compatible with the Dabster?-
The HiVape Dabster is compatible with waxy concentrates.
What is included with the Dabster?-

1x Dabster battery
2x ceramic heating chambers
1x chamber connector
1x rubber mouthpiece
1x packing tool
1x USB charger
1x user manual
HiVape offers a one month replacement warranty on their products, starting from the date of purchase. This warranty covers all damages and defects caused by the manufacturer. Any warranty claim must be accompanied by a receipt as proof of purchase from an approved distributer. Due to hygienic issues, cartridges are not available for coverage under the warranty. The purchaser must fill out a warranty request form, available on the manufacturer’s website.
How it Works-
Make sure that the battery is completely charged before the first use. Attach the atomizer to the battery. While holding the unit vertically, drip your desired material into the atomizer. Attach the mouthpiece. Toggle the power button five times in rapid succession to lock/unlock the power to the battery.
Cleaning and Maintenance-
Be careful when cleaning your unit, as any damage not directly caused by the manufacturer is not covered under the warranty. Use a damp cotton swab to gently remove any unwanted debris.
Pros and Cons-

Large chamber
Long battery life

Limited warranty

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Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer
Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer

Features Overview:
Haze features a convection screen and a conduction screen. This allows for a more personal vaporizing experience. Both screens are crafted from stainless steel. The conduction screen has been left with two sides open, allowing dry materials to have controlled exposure to the heating chamber. The convection screen is surrounded by four walls of stainless steel, but allows no direct contact between materials and the heating chamber. The Haze also allows for pre-packaged chambers. The heating chambers and screens are large, safe, and innovative enough so you can pre-package your materials into the reservoirs before you ever leave the safety of your home!

LED temperature setting display
Uses advanced technology to heat on demand
The first and only dual bowl vaporizer on the market (patented feature)
Can use dry herbs and/or oil and wax interchangeably and simultaneously
Strong, Long-Lasting external Lithium Ion battery
Extremely light weight and discrete
4 different temperature settings
Patented heat-exchange mechanism, for cool vapor output
10 year warranty

1 Haze Vaporizer
1 Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
1 glass mouthpiece
2 conduction screens
2 convection screens
2 Haze batteries
1 cleaning tool
1 material tool
2 oil/wax reservoir
1 user manual
1 instructional DVD
Haze is backed by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. It does not apply to normal performance degradation, batteries, or glass mouthpieces.
Cleaning and Maintenance:
Haze is built to be easy to maintain. It comes with all removable parts to access all areas that would need to be cleaned. Use the cleaning tool that is included with the unit to be rid of all dry debris. Mouthpieces can be removed and cleaned with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.
How it works
Add materials to the bowl or screen and place into the chamber. Use the top switch to power on and select either bowl A or bowl B. The Haze temperature selector button is located on the top of the device which gives you 4 temperature options to vape your material with. When powered on, the LED light will blink several times to indicate that the device is in the process of heating. When the oven is at the selected temperature, the LED lights will remain solid. At this point, the unit is ready to begin vaporizing. The Haze mouthpiece is stored inside the unit to prevent it for getting lost or broken. A simple flick of the wrist will be enough to slide the mouthpiece from the top chamber, located by the bowl selector icons. For more information see the product video.
What materials are compatible with Haze
The Haze vaporizer is compatible with dried herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids. Each box is complete with 4 screens (2 conduction and 2 convection) for dried herbs, and 2 oil/wax reservoirs. These reservoirs include a rubber cap and cotton wicks for oils and liquids. To use with concentrates and waxes, simply remove cotton wicks and place dab on the bottom of the reservoir.

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G Pro Herbal Vaporizer - DGK Series
G Pro Herbal Vaporizer – DGK Series

Grenco Science introduces the NEW G Pro Herbal Vaporizer – DGK Series. Focusing on performance and customization, the G Pro combines the stability and efficiency with its internal stainless steel chamber and 3 custom temperature setting feature.
DGK custom design
Fit exclusively for dry herbs
3 Custom heating temperature
Stainless steel temperatures
Advanced convection heating
Discreet & Portable
Rechargeable internal battery
The DGK G Pro Herbal Vaporizer is approximately 2 x 2.75 x 6.75 inches (50.8 x 69.85 x 171.45 mm) and weighs around 0.55 pounds (249.48 grams).
What is included with the DGK G Pro?
1x Mouthpiece
3x Mouthpiece covers
2x Extended Mouthpiece cover
5x Screens
1x Cleaning tool
1x USB Charger
1x G Card
1x G Tray
The DGK G Pro Herbal Vaporizer comes with a 1 year warranty that covers electrical defects
What Materials are compatible with the DGK Pro?
The DGK G Pro Herbal Vaporizer is compatible with dry herbs only.

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Flowermate Vapormax V5.0s
Flowermate Vapormax V5.0s

LATEST Flowermate Vaporizer V5.0S version
3 Temperature Settings (385F / 400F / 420F)
Premium Mouthpiece
Ceramic Heating Chamber
2 x 2600 mAh Samsung Batteries
Upwards of 10 Sessions / Full Charge

1x Flowermate V5.0S vaporizer (latest version)
1x Glass mouthpiece
1x Wall charger
1 x Packing tool
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Instruction manual

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