E-Juice, also referred to as e-liquid, is the substance used by vape pens to create vapor. Available in varying nicotine levels (0mg-24mg), e-juice makes it easy for those looking to quit smoking cigarettes to get their nicotine fix while simultaneously weening themselves off gradually. As vape pens continue to become more and more popular, e-liquid has evolved from simple mass produced flavors like ‘vanilla’ and ‘strawberry,’ to small-batch, gourmet options such as ‘Peanut Butter & Jesus’ and ‘Trueberry Sugar & Knife.’ With so many tasty e-juice options, vape enthusiasts are finding it easier to kick their smoking habits. Vape pens provide those looking to quit cigarettes with a portable, reliable and healthy alternative.

Vape pens allow users to enjoy their favorite e-juice discreetly and effectively. E-liquid vaporizers can be used just about anywhere, and won’t leave a discernible aroma or offensive smell – like a cigarette. Instead of smoke, these pens produce pure vapor from the e-juice that is loaded into their tanks (or clearomizers). A wicked atomizer located at the base of the tank soaks up the e-juice, which is then heated and vaporized. Since there is no smoke produced, users are able to use e-liquid devices in many places where traditional cigarette smoking would be prohibited. Combine the overall convenience of vape pens with the seemingly endless amount of delectable e-juice flavors, more people than ever are putting down their cigarettes and picking up a vape pen.