Having finely ground herbs is a necessity for efficient vaporization. Grinding your dry blend helps to create optimal airflow, which leads to increased vapor production. Whether you’re using a portable or a desktop, it’s always recommended to finely grind dry material before loading it into the unit’s herb chamber. Since vaporizers do not burn herbs, but instead heat them through convection, it’s crucial to grind your dry blend as fine as possible. This will increase heating efficiency and will lead to more active ingredients being released, as well as increased overall vapor production.

Here at My Vape Store, we offer many different styles of herbal grinders to make your vaporizing experience as efficient and effective as possible. We carry a multitude of 2-piece and 4-piece grinders, available in your choice of wood, metal or acrylic. We stock some of the biggest names in grinding technology, including Space Case and Herbivore, as well as specialty grinders from Magic Flight and Volcano. In addition to classic style grinders, we also carry wallet-friendly metal grinder cards, as well as functional/fashionable grinder watches.

While all grinders function similarly, their performance will differ slightly depending on what type of grinder is being used. For example, while acrylic grinders are generally the most affordable option, they also tend to wear down the fastest. Wood grinders are popular for their aesthetics, while metal grinders are usually viewed as higher quality. In addition to increased longevity, metal grinders are also available in multi-level designs which can include kief catchers and storage compartments.