710 MINI Pen Vaporizer
710 MINI Pen Vaporizer

The 710 Pen Mini vaporizer fits into the palm of your hand and is designed to produce quality vapor from your essential oils. It is extremely discreet and comes in a sleek matte black. All 710 pens utilize a digital temperature display for optimum vaporizing temperature control. It is also very lightweight and durable. It provides a sizeable heating chamber for all aromatherapy blended oils.

Easy to use
LCD display
Quick heat-up time
Interchangeable with all 710 products
The 710 Pen Mini Vaporizer measures approximately4 inches long.
What is included with the 710 Pen Mini Vaporizer?-

1x cartomizer
1x cartomizer shell
1x mouthpiece inhaler
1x inhaler cap
1x USB charger
1x storage case
1x instruction manual
710 products come with a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty only protects against DOA (dead on arrival) products. It does not protect against user error, mistreatment, misuse, or normal wear and tear. You must register your product within 7 days of purchase to qualify for the warranty. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a warrant separately direct from the manufacturer.
What materials are compatible with the 710 Pen Mini Vaporizer?-
The 710 Pen Mini Vaporizer is compatible with all of your e-liquids and essential oils.

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