Ascent Vaporizer Glass Mouthpiece Set
Ascent Vaporizer Glass Mouthpiece Set

All glass air path provides flavorful vapor with each draw.

The glass mouthpiece weighs 4.1 grams and is about 2.50 inches in length. The glass air path weighs 3.9 grams and is 2.75 in length.
Insert glass air path into the Ascent on the herb chamber end of the unit. Then insert glass mouthpiece into other side of the device. Pull out mouthpiece and inhale to vape.
Cleaning and Maintenance
Clean with rubbing alcohol and rinse with warm water. Allow to dry before use.
Pros and Cons

Slides into Ascent vaporizer to avoid breaking
Fits snugly into the Ascent
Glass provides flavorful vapor

Glass may break if dropped

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