CLOUDV 2.0 Vaporizer
CLOUDV 2.0 Vaporizer

All Cloud Pen™ 2.O Pens Include Everything You Need For The Ultimate in Portable Vaporization:
1pc. Cloud Lithium Ion Battery
1pc. Cloud Mouthpiece
1pc. Cloud Medi Grade Atomizer
1pc. Cloud Medi Grade Funnel Atomizer
1pc. Cloud Wall Adapter
1pc. Cloud Wired Micro USB Charger
1pc. Cloud User Manual
1pc. Cloud Cloud Tensil
5pc. Cloud Mouthpiece Covers
1pc. Cloud Travel Case

Cloud 2.0 Features:
Longer Lasting Lithium Ion Battery Life (about 50% stronger)
Inverted Color of Cloud Pen™ Button (for more discreet use)
Green LED Back-lit button (instead of blue)
NEW Heavy Duty Atomizer
NEW Micro USB Charger

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