CloudV Mini
CloudV Mini

The CloudV Mini comes with both 270mAh battery and Classic Tornado Atomizer. The CloudV Mini functions the same as the CloudV but is only 3.5” tall and fits snug in a pocket or bag. Smaller and more convenient the CloudV Mini is the perfect travel companion.

The CloudV Mini Features…
– Tornado Atomizer
– Ceramic Heating Chamber
– Great Airflow
– Lightweight and Potable

The CloudV Mini is approximately 3.5” tall by .5 wide. CloudV Mini is compatible with ALL CloudV accessories and attachments

The CloudV Mini Includes…
1x Cloud Classic Tornado Atomizer
1x Cloud Mini Mouthpiece
1x Cloud Mini Battery
1x Cloud Mini Case
1x Cloud Tool
1x Cloud Owner’s Manual
1x USB Charger
2x Silicone Mouthpiece Covers

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