eGo T – DOUBLE KIT Vaporizer
eGo T – DOUBLE KIT Vaporizer

Features Overview-
This vaporizer features a large clearomizer for holding e-liquids, and holds a charge for over 800 puffs when completely charged. The Needle Drip Tip allows for a mess-free method for adding e-liquids to the clearomizer.

650 mAh battery
CE4 Clearomizer
Holds 1.6 mL of e-liquid
2-3 hour charge time
Powers over 800 puffs when fully charged
The eGo T is 133.0mm in length, 14.0mm in diameter. And weighs 39 grams.
What materials can be used with the eGo T Vaporizer-
The eGo T Vaporizer is compatible with e-juices.
What is included with the eGo T Vaporizer-

1x eGo Carry Case
2x 900 mAh eGo T battery
2x CE4 V2/CE5 Clearomizer
1x USB charger
1x Wall Charger
1x Empty Bottle with Needle Drip Tip
The eGo V Vaporizer offers a 30 day warranty for any defective hardware excluding tanks, clearomizers, cartomizers, and atomizers.
How it works-
After charging to completion, simply detach the clearomizer and fill the cartridge ¾ of the way full. After assembly the vaporizer, set the preferred voltage, and press the button while drawing.
Cleaning and Maintenance-
To clean, simply unscrew the clearomizer and gently wash with either soap and warm water, or alcohol wipes and a Q-tip.
Pros and Cons-

Large clearomizer
Powers over 800 puffs
Many color options for optimal individualization

2-3 hour charge time

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