Essential VAAAPP EV 100 Vaporizer
Essential VAAAPP EV 100 Vaporizer

The EV100 is completely portable there are no electric or critical moving parts to break. The unit is machined from solid
aluminum and is anodized inside and out. Anodizing is a molecular oxide coating, which seals in any leachable metals
within the alloy, making it a food grade finish. The EV100 is Virtually Indestructible giving you years of convenient

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Essential Vape H2O
Essential Vape H2O

The Eclipse H2O by Essential Vape is a handheld anodized aluminum vaporizer designed for use with concentrates, liquids, botanicals, and essential oils. The Eclipse Vape utilizes a glass vial heating chamber and requires a standard butane lighter as a heat source. Designed similarly to the H2O, the Eclipse Vape H2O offers the same sleek stem as the H2O with a few minor variations: a round head rather than a square, ground glass for a snugger connection, and a 45 degree angle as opposed to a 90 degree angle. It is available in black, blue, gold, green, purple, red, and silver.

Small and compact design
Simple to operate
Ground glass
The Essential Eclipse Vape H2O Vaporizer measures at 2.00 x 5.50 x 6.50 inches.
What is included with the Eclipse H2O?-

1x shock proof carrying case
1x eclipse H2O unit
2x borosilicate glass vials
1x instruction manual
The vaporizer comes with a lifetime warranty, beginning from the date of purchase, restricted to normal use. The glass components are not covered under the warranty.
What materials are compatible with the Eclipse H2O?-
The Eclipse H2O is compatible with dry herbs, waxy concentrates, and essential oils.

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