HiVape - The Dabster
HiVape – The Dabster


Locking safety feature
Ceramic heating element
Medical grade rubber mouthpiece
Aluminum plating
The Dabster is approximately 5 inches when fully assembled.
What materials are compatible with the Dabster?-
The HiVape Dabster is compatible with waxy concentrates.
What is included with the Dabster?-

1x Dabster battery
2x ceramic heating chambers
1x chamber connector
1x rubber mouthpiece
1x packing tool
1x USB charger
1x user manual
HiVape offers a one month replacement warranty on their products, starting from the date of purchase. This warranty covers all damages and defects caused by the manufacturer. Any warranty claim must be accompanied by a receipt as proof of purchase from an approved distributer. Due to hygienic issues, cartridges are not available for coverage under the warranty. The purchaser must fill out a warranty request form, available on the manufacturer’s website.
How it Works-
Make sure that the battery is completely charged before the first use. Attach the atomizer to the battery. While holding the unit vertically, drip your desired material into the atomizer. Attach the mouthpiece. Toggle the power button five times in rapid succession to lock/unlock the power to the battery.
Cleaning and Maintenance-
Be careful when cleaning your unit, as any damage not directly caused by the manufacturer is not covered under the warranty. Use a damp cotton swab to gently remove any unwanted debris.
Pros and Cons-

Large chamber
Long battery life

Limited warranty

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