Kamry K1000
Kamry K1000

The Kamry K1000 is completely mechanical and features stainless steel construction. It is 510 threaded so it can support almost any clearomizer.


510 threading
900 mAh rechargeable lithium ion batteries
Stainless steel construction
Multiple color options
The Kamry K1000 is approximately 7 inches in length when fully assembled.
What materials are compatible with the Kamry K1000?-
The Kamry K1000 is compatible with liquids and essential oils.
What is included with the Kamry K1000?-

1 Kamry K1000
1 Lithium ion battery
1 charger
1 travel case
1 user manual
The Kamry K200 features a 180 day manufacturer’s warranty beginning from the date of purchase. It does not cover the filling chamber.
How it works-
Make sure that the unit is completely charged before use. To insert the battery, unscrew the bottom base and place the battery inside. Flip over the unit, remove the mouthpiece and filling chamber, and add in liquid. Be sure not to overfill. Press the power button for 5-10 seconds to begin vaporizing.
Cleaning and maintenance-
After the unit is disassembled, gently clean the clearomizer with a damp cotton swab without getting the battery wet.
Pros and cons-

Modern take on a traditional design

Limited warranty

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