Micro G tool with key chain
Micro G tool with key chain

Include: 1 X G Keychain with microG Tool

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– 1 micro G Pen replacement battery

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MicroG Charging Kit
MicroG Charging Kit

You can charge your Micro G from any wall or USB outlet.
The Micro G Charging Kit includes:
-1 USB wire charger
-1 AC adapter

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The Micro G Coil has a durability index of approximately 4 weeks.

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MicroG Mouthpiece
MicroG Mouthpiece

Micro G mouthpiece is not designed to work with dried herbs. Micro G Mouthpiece is not compatible with the G Pen.

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MicroG Tool
MicroG Tool

Grenco Science has specially designed the Micro G Tool from high-quality stainless steel to manage your essential oils with ease. The Micro G Tool is miniature sized, and fits inside all configurations of the G Travel Case

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MicroG Vaporizer Original Double kit
MicroG Vaporizer Original Double kit

Brought to you by Grenco Science, the MicroG Pen provides all of the same features and function as the regular G Pen, but on a smaller and more portable scale. It is available in matte black with stainless steel detailing.

LED light functions
Locking safety feature
Includes replacement parts
The MicroG Pen is approximately 4.75 inches long.
What materials are compatible with the MicroG Pen?-
The MicroG Pen is compatible with waxy concentrates.
What is included with the MicroG Pen?-

2x microG rechargeable batteries
2x microG coils
2x microG mouthpieces
5x microG mouth sleeves
1x wall charging unit with wire USB
1x micro packing tool
2 glass G containers
Grenco Science offers warranties on most of their products. All batteries and chargers are covered for one year. Be sure to present a copy of the receipt or some other proof of purchase at the time of filing for the warranty. Unused tanks can be returned for credit up to seven days after the shipment date.
How it Works-
Be sure that the battery is completely charged before the initial use. While the unit is turned off, remove the mouthpiece. This will expose the heating element. Use the packing tool to load in your waxy concentrates directly onto the heating element. Replace the mouthpiece and press the power button five times rapidly to turn on.
Cleaning and Maintenance-
Be sure to never get the battery wet. You can clean the mouthpiece with soap and warm water. Let air dry. Scrape the heating element very gently with the packing tool to detach any remaining debris.
Pros and Cons-

Small and compatible
Long battery life
Replaceable parts

Only compatible with waxy concentrates

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