PAX Vaporizer
PAX Vaporizer

To begin using your Pax, simply click in the mouthpiece which causes it to pop out, and click the mouthpiece back in when done. The Pax has a motion sensing shut-off feature that will automatically put it into “sleep mode” when you set it down.
The Pax heats up in as little as 30 seconds. It can be heated to three different temperatures:
Low = 370 deg. F (188 C)
Med = 390 deg. F (199 C)
Hot = 410 deg. F (210 C)
The temperature can be chosen with just a click of a button. The indicator light displays the battery condition, heating status, and the temperature. The temperatures displays as yellow, orange, or red light for: low, medium, and hot settings, respectively.
Pax Vaporizer
Oven Lid
Charging Dock
Charging Cord
5x Pipe Cleaners
5x Cleaning Wipes
User Manual

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