Vapolution All In Wonder Bowl
Vapolution All In Wonder Bowl

The Vapolution All-In-Wonder Bowl is a hand held, all glass device that gives you the ability to better control airflow. Nine inches at length, entirely glass mouthpiece with carburetor at the stem. Specially designed to give better control of airflow and allow you to see your Vapolution in action! The All-In-Wonder Bowl comes hand and hand with the Vapolution making the vape process quicker, easier and cleaner than a whip or bag. Complete your glass on glass vaporization experience with the All-In-Wonder Bowl.

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Vapolution Vapor Barrel
Vapolution Vapor Barrel

Through this attachment, you will be able to see the vapor building inside the mouthpiece, the thickness of the vapor, and the size of the pull. There is also a carburetor at the end that attaches to the whip tubing, giving you ultimate control over the air flow.

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Vapolution Vaporizer
Vapolution Vaporizer

Vapolution hands free vaporizer is a portable vaporizer which contains an actual glass heating element, making the Vapolution vaporizer on of our top rated glass on glass vaporizers. The Vapolution vaporizer is very popular, effective, and easy to use – a great vaporizer at an affordable price! The Vapolution vaporizer can be used with a power adapter, rechargeable battery, or a 12 volt car adapter. The power and car adapter along with a lifetime warranty are included.

All glass heating element
All glass bowl
Charging options
4-5 minutes heat up time
The Vapolution measures 7 x 7 x 9 inches.
What is included with the Vapolution?-

1x glass on glass vaporizer
1x 12v DC power supply
1x car adapter
2x glass bowls
2x retaining washers
2x food grade 3.5 foot whips
The Vapolution Vaporizer comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers manufacture defect. These will be fixed free of charge with the first 90 days of ownership. After this, all products are subject to a $39.99 fee.
What materials are compatible with the Vapolution?-
The Vapolution is compatible with dried herbs.

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Vapolution Vaporizer Replacement Glass Mouthpiece
Vapolution Vaporizer Replacement Glass Mouthpiece

The Vapolution Vaporizer Clear Glass Mouthpiece made from 2mm thick walled glass. Glass is always better than plastic. They really complete the vaporizer bowl/whip assembly.

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