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With more and more people realizing the true health benefits of vaping, it’s easy to see why vaporizing is more popular today than ever before. With this increase in acceptance and demand, vaporizer manufacturers are coming out with new, state-of-the-art units all the time, at more affordable prices than ever. As technology continues to improve, the health benefits of vaporizing are becoming more prominent and easier to achieve than ever before. Overall vaporizer performance and functionality continues to improve as competition among manufacturers is driving a “vaporizer renaissance.”

Portable vaporizers are more discreet than ever, boasting precise temperature control, enhanced battery life and the latest in advanced heating technology. Vaping on-the-go has never been easier, or more convenient. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the unparalleled power and functionality of desktop vaporizers also continues to improve. While forced air vapes used to cost an arm and a leg, units like the Vapir Rise and Arizer Extreme Q offer top of the line, dual-function (balloon bag and whip delivery) performance at a fraction of the price you might expect.